What are the Benefits of Red Wine Resveratrol?

red wine resveratrol
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Red Wine Health Benefits

Looking for a way to become a little healthier and still be a bit bad? Why not drink some red wine? That’s right it contains a substance that actually has some great benefits for you. Those Resveratrol health benefits you can see by moderately drinking red wine are well worth the time to learn more about them.

Though if you don’t like red wine you can always get this product in capsule or tablet form too where you can normally find other herbs in a local store. Other products that you can find Resveratrol inside are peanuts, some berries and even grape seeds. Are they really that good? Read on and determine if the Resveratrol health benefits you see are something you wouldn’t mind experiencing and go from there.

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Benefits of Resveratrol

You will find the Resveratrol will help increase your energy. Muscle Fitness will increase and that will help with any type of degenerative problems you may have experienced. In other words the aging process may seem to slow down. Helps to fight conditions like heart disease and lowers cholesterol. There is a ton of antioxidants in Resveratrol so that will help with the kidneys getting rid of toxins from your body. Those antioxidants will also help with brain functions and keeping it healthier longer. It’s even been shown to help people lose weight if they have combined it with caffeine or green tea. Since the aging process is slowed down you will live longer. Liver function is helped out by taking this herb. It can help with blocking fat that may contribute to cirrhosis or other types of conditions you can contract in your liver.

How Do You Get This in Your Diet?

Of course you could do what a lot of people to in order to get those Resveratrol health benefits by drinking a glass of wine each day of the week. But for some people this just isn’t something they really want to do, so add in the foods that have it in naturally. They are peanuts, grape juice, bilberries, grapes, blueberries, and even cranberries. That’s a lot of different choices, plus don’t forget that they do have tablets and capsules that you can buy in stores too.

Depending on how long a wine has been fermented will determine the total amount of Resveratrol that is in it. Red wines are normally the wines that will have the highest content of this item. It’s a naturally superior antioxidant when compared to other herbs out there on the market. In newer studies Resveratrol has shown up in higher amounts in dark chocolate and even cocoa powder.

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Benefits for Cancer

Besides all of the above benefits Resveratrol has actually been shown to help prevent the development of skin cancer too. Back in 1997 a study was done by Jang who used mice and Resveratrol to test this out, though nothing has come up as far as the human trials so far. That may only because not enough research has been done as of yet, currently there are patients that are being recruited to study the effect of Resveratrol on skin and colon cancer.

The thought is that there just may not be enough dosage for the benefits of Resveratrol to fight cancer. However, medical research is always getting better so it most likely will not be long at all before more studies are done with this in mind.

Are There Other Ways that Red Wine is Healthy for You?

Besides the fact that Resveratrol is high in content in red wine are there other benefits that you can get from having a glass or two each day? The main thing to keep in mind is that wine is still an alcoholic beverage and you will need to drink with caution, after all there are just so many benefits you can get from drinking wine before you decide to drink too much and run into problems with addiction.

As long as you keep your usage under control though there are other things that you get from red wine. Like polyphenols or antioxidants that will help line the heart’s blood vessels better. They are found in two forms when drinking wine, either a non-flavonoid or a flavonoid.

The Non-flavonoids are found in red win as stated above and with these they can help block fat from arteries. This is one of the huge Resveratrol health benefits, however again the studies have only been done in mice so far. Again something else that will need to have more studies done before we can fully see just how much this will help out humans.

Flavonoids are not only found in red wine, but apples, oranges, tea, grape juice, onions, and cocoa. While white wine and beer even have a smaller amount of this item as well. Other research has been done that shows Resveratrol can also help with inflammation and clotting of the blood, both of them are known to cause heart problems.

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