What are Free Radicals and What Effect do Antioxidants Have on Them?

free radicals and antioxidants
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Free Radicals and Using Natures Way of Fighting Them

One of the more popular questions from individuals concerned with their health is: What are free radicals? Free radicals are those molecules which are very unstable in nature and are the residual (waste ) product of oxidization. They bond with the other molecules in order to attain stability and decrease their instability. Free radicals form in our system through normal internal functions of the human body. For good health, the speedy transformation of these free radicals into something harmless is what needs to happen. Antioxidants are the key to transforming the free radicals and reducing the aging affects of having too many free radicals floating around your system. Free radicals are also formed in the human body when the body is subjected to certain toxic environments.

Free Radicals Seek and Destroy – The Aging Process Accelerated

The free radicals are by themselves unstable in nature. When they form a bond with the other molecules of the body, they cause considerable damage to the cells and DNA which are contained in these cells. The free radicals often bond with the bad cholesterol or LDL of the body and forms a substance called oxidized LDL. This compound attaches itself to the inner linings of the vessels and leads to inflammation among individuals. This paves the way for the development of atherosclerosis among individuals. Free radicals are also the reason behind premature aging.

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Causes of Free radicals

Diet is one of the most reasons for the formation of free radicals in the body. The junk foods that individuals consume are full of sugars, unsaturated fats. These elements lead to the formation of free radicals in the body of an individual. Foods which contain an additive like color, preservative or artificial sweetener can also lead to the formation of free radicals in your body.

Chemicals that are used for household cleaning purposes, pesticides, cosmetics, perfumes and creams have also been found to have caused the formation of free radicals in the body of the individual. This can be very dangerous for the person.

Pollution and Free Radicals

Pollution is another factor which leads to the rise of free radicals in the body. Air pollution mainly aids in free radical formation. Smoke from cigarette or smoke from the chimney of a factory can be reason enough for the formation of free radicals. The smoke emitted from the automobiles and the chemicals sprayed in the fields are also sources of radical formation.

Drugs and Free Radicals

Drugs that individuals consume whether prescribed or not may also lead to the formation of free radicals. Certain drugs have elements in them which bond with the unstable molecules and form free radicals in the body.
Physical and emotional stress also has been found to be a good cause for the formation of free radicals in the body of an individual.

Due to the increase in the pollution levels in the world, the ozone layer is getting depleted. This is leading to harmful ultraviolet rays entering the atmosphere of the earth. These rays when they come in contact with the free radicals in the body of an individual leads to skin diseases and causes premature aging in individuals.

How to Help Fight Free Radicals?

Free radicals cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. The lack of oxygen around us is also the reason for the development of free radicals in our body. It has been found that with enough oxygen, many life threatening diseases can be prevented. Since there is a lack of adequate amount of oxygen for everyone, the best thing that individuals can do to combat free radical formation is by consuming foods which have good sources of anti-oxidants in them. These anti-oxidants help in combating free radicals. Pomegranates, apples or blueberries are rich sources of anti-oxidants. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, selenium and Vitamin E rich foods can also be consumed to combat free radicals and prevent them from causing damage to the cells of the body of an individual.

So How do We control Free Radicals in Our System

Thus individuals who are concerned about what are free radicals can very well understand what they are and the various reasons for their formation in the human body. This will help them in avoiding the reasons which could lead to the formation of such molecules in the body and making them prone to various degenerative diseases. This will also act as a guide for those individuals who are already suffering from diseases caused by free radicals and are searching for new ways to fight them off. On the whole, free radicals can be easily eliminated by living a healthy life and paying attention to the diet and lifestyle that one leads.

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