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cancer_fighter_resveratrol Genesis™ Standardized Ingredients

4. Grape

  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • Division: Magnoliophyta

  • Class: Magnoliopsida

  • Order: Vitales

Grapes are the fruit that grow on a woody grape vine. The grapevine belongs to the family Vitaceae.

Grapes grow in clusters of 6 to 300, and can be black, blue, golden, green, purple-red and white. They can be eaten raw or used for making grape juice, jelly, wine, and grape seed oil. Raisins are the dried fruit of the grapevine, and the name actually comes from the French word for “grape”. Wild grapevines are often considered a nuisance weed, as they cover other plants with their usually rather aggressive growth.

genesis drink resveratrolResearchers, such as Marty Mayo, comparing diets in western countries have discovered that although the French tend to eat higher levels of animal fat, surprisingly the incidence of heart disease remains low in France. They named this phenomenon the French Paradox. Many scientists now believe the reason is the greater consumption of red wine in France. Something in the grape helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body and thus slows the buildup of deposits in the arteries.

Compounds such as resveratrol (a member of the polyphenol family) have been discovered in grapes and these have been positively linked to fighting cancer, heart disease, degenerative nerve disease and other ailments. Doctors do not recommend excessive consumption of red wine, but three or four glasses a week is beneficial and encouraged.

Although many people incorrectly assume that red grapes are more beneficial to the health, in fact grapes of all colors offer comparable benefits. Red wine however does offer some health benefits not found in white wine, because many of the beneficial compounds are found in the skins of the grapes, and only red wine is fermented with the skins.

Another common misconception is that white wine has to be made from green grapes. In fact, it can be made from green or red varieties. Red wines are made from red grapes, but the coloration is a result of including the skins in the fermentation process. can be made from green or

red varieties. Red wines are made from red grapes, but the coloration is a result of including the skins in the fermentation process.

red wine resveratrol genesisThe seeds in grapes are known to contain procyanidolic oligomers, also known as PCOs. Re- searchers have concluded that PCOs strengthen blood vessels, and improve blood circulation. Grape seed extract may help slow aging, prevent heart disease, deter cancer, lessen allergy symptoms, and eye strain, and fight certain skin diseases. In recent studies grape extract has also been shown to lessen cellulite, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The use o grape seed extract is available in forms such as: liquid, tablet, and capsule. Grape seed extract has not yet been shown to have any negative effects on consumers.

Again, the science referenced above is included only for your information as Symmetry is not making any health claims for our juice beverage. We only wish to include current, relevant science as showing the various ingredients are all common whole foods with no negative effects. Indeed, the juices making up our PhytoPureTM 100% Juice Blend were chosen because they are wholesome foods with a long history of beneficial use which today, is supported by science that can start to explain the various benefits to consuming these nutritious foods.

  • Family: Vitaceae

  • Genus: Vitis