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What are the Different Benefits and Compensations Between Being a  Symmetry Preferred Customer and a Symmetry Business Partner?

Symmetry Preferred Customer ($10 per year paid on first purchase)

Preferred Customers can receive discounts between 30% to 60%.  Buying at these prices is as easy as clicking the Preferred Customer  genesis buy button  button.You will pay an annual membership fee of $10 on your first order at checkout.  This will enrol you in a monthly auto-ship that can easily be cancelled or modified at any time online.


When you sign up as a “Preferred Customer” all of your purchases for a full calender year are deep discounted automatically. Some who have benefited from the Symmetry products want to spread the word and distribute to others as a business. Upgrading your membership to a “Business Partner” is the next step in this process.

Symmetry Business Partner ($25 per year with business pack purchase)

Upgrading to a business partner is as easy as purchasing a “Business Pack” and paying an annual $25 Business Partner Membership fee (Automatically Billed on First Purchase). A modest membership when you consider the unlimited financial possibilities.

As a business partner, you not only enrol yourself into the “Symmetry Compensation Plan System” that rewards you every time someone in your down-line purchases a Symmetry Product but you also get your own Symmetry website that will help you in that endeavour. Simply lead your prospects to Your own “E-Symm-Site” and any sign-ups and/or purchases will be attributed to you on a continuous and perpetual basis. You do not have to build this “E-Symm-Site”, it is already built for you. It is simply a version of the existing Symmetry Website that now has your “Unique ID Code” embedded in all of the products that your prospects will be browsing through. This Unique Code Attributes any purchases directly to you and any subsequent compensation.

This Unique Link will be sent to your email once you have purchased a Business Pack. All the Best!

The potential rewards are literally limitless. Sign up Today by purchasing one of our business packs!

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