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The Ultimate In Heart Health Care – Cardio 5000

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symmetry direct benefits



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You Can Not Go Wrong With Symmetry Direct Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Symmetry Direct offer a range of nutrient and healthcare products that is aimed at holistically treating the whole body. There are products that are specifically aimed to help heart function, liver function, and blood and brain functions. There are products that will manage weight, assist the digestive system and give a person a general feeling of energy and good health.

There are products that contain countless minerals, vitamins and nutritional elements. Chamomile which is a herb that assists a person with stomach ache, anxiety, and insomnia. Folic acid which is a mineral that will strengthen the body’s immune system is extremely important during pregnancy because it will help the fetus to form nerve cells. It actually prevents spina bifida and other neural tube defects and prevents premature births.

We have products that consists of calcium and other ingredients that will stimulate calcium distribution within the body. It is an essential mineral that helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones and good for nerve production and the contractions of the heart. Many think that calcium is just good for the bones, but it’s also good to regulate blood pressure and to avoid clotting and improves immune function.

There is a product that contains Oyster Shell or Mu Li which is derived from Chinese remedies to help support heart and liver function. It also regulates the temperature of the body at night and has a calming effect as it’s a natural sedative. There is a product that takes the form of a tea, and it’s made from Arabica Black infusion coffee. Its benefits include relieving fatigue, boosting the immune system, skin protection and it improves gastrointestinal health.

For a woman who is experiencing hormonal imbalances, products that contain vitamin B6, Magnesium, Angelica sinensis root, bellflower root, and white peony are available. In this instance, Vitamin B6 helps to manufacture red blood cells and hormones; it will balance the sodium-potassium levels in the body and assist with metabolism. Angelica sinesis root also known as Dong Quai has been used since ancient times in China to regulate the female reproductive system.

It is effective when experiencing menopause, by regulating the body temperature and preventing hot flashes. Red clover and black cohosh root which is also an ingredient used for female products assist with the regulation of estrogen and other hormones to control gynecological issues that might be experienced. White Peony helps to nourish the blood, controls epilepsy and assists with hormone imbalances during the menstrual cycle.

One should not forget the wonders of vitamin C which offers protection against free radical damage, and supports blood and organ systems throughout the body. It will boost the immune system, and promote general good health. It has very powerful antioxidant properties that are distilled from blue berries and cranberries. It is a powerful tool when fighting colds and flu.

There are many more products which contain combinations of as many nutrients and vitamins that are available. Symmetry Direct offer a wide variety of products that generally will improve the health of any person, at any stage in life. These products will help both pregnant woman who need folic acid to the retired pensioner who requires calcium and anything in between.


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