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Symmetry Corporation has been established for over 17 years and is stronger than ever. In the nutritional supplements market, 17 years is a lifetime. Throughout our time in business we have seen many companies come and go, leaving their distributors out in the cold. We feel for these hard working distributors, because it takes time and effort to build a home based business and many have put their heart and soul into them only to have them disappear through no fault of their own.

Our Focus is on Building Our Distributors Network

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We at Symmetry Corporation have built our reputation on innovative and cutting edge product lines while driven by sound business principles. Our distributors (business partners) have been and are still being treated with the highest respect and have been consistently encouraged and trained to reach their full potential. Our business paradigm promotes a genuine “win win” ethical focus and drive. At Symmetry Corporation we believe that through our collective efforts and combined skills and talents we can create opportunities far beyond any individuals efforts.

Supporting our business partners and actively building their success, only makes good business sense. If our business partners are successful, then we are successful. This simple yet profound truth has always made sense to us and we have never deviated from building our solid business plan with this mental attitude as our focus.

Out with the Old and in with the New!

multi level marketing social selling network marketingMany of our newly associated business partners share a common concern when they first get involved with promoting our products. One thing we hear often is “I’m not really a good sales person” or “I could never approach people and try selling to them”. These concerns are understandable and are based on people’s perceptions of how things used to be done. The old ways of promoting a product are far out-dated and do not work in this “Internet savvy”, well researched and socially connected generation. Bill Gates famously quoted that “Content is King” and to a large degree he was right. The Internet has become the largest and most accessible source of content there has ever been. It has never been easier for people of all ages to educate themselves about any topic….instantly. People do not like to be forced into an opinion or pushed into buying. They like to take their time and make up their own minds. The information age has had a profound influence in shaping this attitude and our social interactions as well.  Our approach to promoting our products has been transformed to embrace the modern change in thinking and social trends.

Social Selling – As Easy as Throwing a Home Party

social-selling-symmetry-directThe way we encourage our distributors to introduce Symmetry’s products to people is by throwing a home party. It’s as easy as inviting people over, serving up the delicious shakes and drinks and watching a DVD. How easy is that! That’s it. Your guests will make up their own minds whether they will order from you or not. Simple! No selling involved. You can then supply your guests with some information about Symmetry’s products and the health benefits. This will give them a head start on their personal research. The ones who are genuinely interested in knowing more will do the research and discover how amazing Symmetry’s products are, especially Genesis with it’s S-ORAC Value of 400,000. It’s free radical fighting abilities are higher than any other nutritional supplement on the market today. Anyone who is interested in good health and giving the gift of health to others, will know the value of Symmetry’s products and will wholeheartedly want to spread the word.

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Symmetry’s products are integrity based and have many proprietary ingredients that put us on the cutting edge of Health Science. We use the highest quality natural ingredients as is possible in our products. Our ingredients are easily researched and when scrutinized will only serve to increase the world wide demand for Symmetry’s products. You can be a part of this fast growing trend to distribute Symmetry’s products and be rewarded for “giving the gift of health” by hosting a Symmetry Home Party.

We’re having amazing success with this distribution method and we’re finding that just about anyone can do it. Throw a party and pop in a DVD….It’s that simple!

Already Distributing a Product Line? – Looking to Expand?

Many of our existing distributor have come from other markets. Distributing more than one product line is common in the health industry and we encourage anyone with an existing clientele or down-line to join our world wide network. We are constantly expanding in foreign and domestic markets and are interested in being part of your business network. Share the gift of health and profit at the same time.sompensation plan business pack symmetry

Here is How Symmetry’s Simple Profit Plan Works

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Symmetry Business Opportunities & MLM

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Multi level marketing is essentially a system where the index of profit generation is not only the number of products one sells but also the products sold by the people one hires. The key behind the success story of multi level marketing is direct sales, spreading awareness about the given products through word-of-mouth, and profits percolating down to every member of this MLM chain.

Usually, multi level marketing is confused with pyramid or referral marketing. Though all these four work of somewhat similar principals and may appear to be one and the same thing, a closer look at each of this marketing strategy reveals indeed that are all very different.

Various expressions such as relationship marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, direct selling, network marketing, and interactive marketing are often used to describe MLM. However, the only well-defined and concrete marketing model that can be considered synonymous with multi level marketing is network marketing.

The concept of network marketing was coined Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel in 1959, owing to their aversion to conventional business methods. The basic ethos of this marketing model is instant and ongoing monetary remuneration to those involved in the process of generating profits.

In network marketing, as also in multi level marketing, distributors appointed by an organization sell out goods or services to people who are not associated with the organization, who further sell these goods or services to the end users. This ensures a constant inflow and circulation of money and in the end, nobody stands to lose or suffer losses. The profits thus generated are then split according to the percentage share of each person involved. Basically, the money that sustains an MLM business is being pumped from outside the organization.

Many people tend to confuse such business opportunities to pyramid marketing. However, there is a stark difference between these two. The first and the foremost difference is that while multi level marketing is a legitimate way to making money, pyramid marketing is considered illegal in many countries across the globe. Pyramid selling is often compared to the age-old vice of peddling. It can be broadly defined as a scam where people are charged money to become a part of a particular organization and in turn asked to con other people in the same manner to generate profits. Here, there are no goods or service being offered to the end user, as is the case with multi level marketing schemes.

Another form of marketing that resembles multi level marketing to a great extent is referral marketing. Both broadly follow the same principal of using word-of-mouth as a tool to obtain optimum marketing. In referral marketing, the key is to exploit your contacts and share maximum possible details about the company and their products with them. In multi level marketing the word-of-mouth publicity is often spontaneous, while in case of referral marketing, it is often orchestrated.

Such home-based business opportunities are available in all 50 states of the US, and are fast gaining more and more popularity. However, while venturing into an MLM business one must be wary of illegal pyramid schemes, functioning in the garb of a luring MLM opportunity. Since not many people know the difference between the two, people may easily get fooled by such phony proposition.

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To steer clear of such luring traps, one must do a detailed background check on the company, learn about the nature of products and interact with other associates. It is okay to remain skeptical about a venture and discuss with friends or partners till you are a 100 per cent sure of the authenticity of a company’s claim and join the bandwagon only after you have done the necessary homework.

It is natural to have questions about the success rate, end profits and time involved in your mind while venturing into an MLM opportunity. If you go by the theory on which working of MLM companies is based, you may end imagining yourself neck-deep in stacks of money by the end of a year or so. However, the theory is an ideal situation which may rarely or never manifest itself on ground. How much profit one makes out of an MLM venture varies from person to person, and depends largely on the commitment you show towards this business venture. There are people who have made a fortune through MLM companies, while there are others who have not been able to recover the money spent on joining an MLM and have thus suffered a loss. Where you stand on this broad bandwidth of success and failure, is entirely a personal choice. As long as, you look at it as a means of additional income or a secondary source of money, the profits will be marginal; and chances are your interest in the whole venture will fizzle out due to low monetary returns. As with any other project, job, business or assignment, MLM work opportunities also demand your time, attention and commitment. It is the go-getter, aggressive attitude that will get you far in this business. Waiting for sales opportunities to come to you instead of going after them would be akin to a shopkeeper sitting with shutters down, waiting for customers to reach out to him instead. If that doesn’t work in a conventional business set-up, there is no reason to hope that it would for an MLM business opportunity. Just because you have not invested a vast capital in this venture or don’t have a boss pressing for completion of a task within deadline doesn’t imply that one doesn’t take the job seriously. On an average, every distributor involved with a MLM company must put in up to 10 hours a week into their business. The number of hours put in is directly proportional to how much and how fast you will earn here.

Besides, just putting in the hours may not always translate into monetary gains or returns. You may be out there, working day in and day out, and still not making any profits. If that be the case, there is a need for some introspection. Evaluate your skills, try to identify where you may be going wrong or notice how another successful distributor works his or her way around to convince clients that a particular good or service is best-suited to their needs. Once you have identified your mistake, get down to honing your skills. Training and learning on the job are just as important as taking out a considerable chunk of your time for the business. A combination of effective networking skills and commitment to the cause can go a long way in writing your success story in the field of multi level marketing.

It is crucial to have an in-depth knowledge of what you are getting into while venturing into an MLM business, which means possessing a detailed know-how on difficulties that you may encounter on the way and the complexities of the system. To be able to do so, one must never hesitate to seek advice and counseling from an expert or an insider.

Also, each person’s experience of an MLM venture may vary, depending on the nature of the product or service involved and its suitability to your proficiency. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect the product or service you are going to promote. Never hesitate in asking question about the features, quality and suitability of a product. It is only when you are fully aware about the product you are marketing that you’ll be able to increase its sale-ability. Besides, this will help you decide whether you want to venture into MLM with the particular product or service or wait for something more worthwhile to come your way. Only those who weigh long-term business prospects such as assessing whether the item you are marketing will be in vogue a decade later, stand a good chance to thrive and survive in the business. Intelligence in choosing the right product and diligence in making it sell are the two fundamental factors that will stand you in good stead, as far as your MLM career is concerned.

While researching about the company you are going to start your association with and the product or service you are indulging in, use your judgment to tell objective reviews from the biased ones. It is possible that people who may failed in their respective MLM ventures, owing to lack of skill or effort, may use internet as a medium to express their dissent against a company or service. It is also important to be wary of articles and reviews that do all the good talking, in equal measure. There is no parameter to differentiate an unbiased review from a totally prejudiced one. The only tools that can come to your rescue here is your own sense of judgment and gut feelings. Never hesitate from being a little skeptical in your assessment. However, don’t be too cynical.

Another highlight of MLM business opportunities is that these are home-based businesses. There is no need to venture out of the confines of your home. You can simply call friends over for tea and discuss this business opportunities to them or explain the utility of any given product or service in their lives. This is makes it an ideal work opportunities for the retired, pregnant women, new moms or those on a sabbatical.

Before you get started with your MLM venture, know that generating leads and turning them into prospective clients is going to be toughest nut to crack in the process. Stock up your patience to keep you going through this phase. It may get frustrating to just wait out and keep trying for days, sometimes months, before you taste success. Hang in there. While you are working on generating leads, use your surplus time in preparing yourself to get business going and hone your skills. Spend time on understanding the intricacies of internet-based marketing, work on your skills on developing a web page or a website. If you don’t have the required knowledge, seek help from a friend or may be even join a course that helps you learn. It is these two factors that boost your business once you have got started.

Chalk out a detailed plan on the ways in which you will handle advertisements in the most cost-effective manner, your involvement with the company. In your MLM set-up, you are going to be the boss. Do you have it in you to be a team-leader? If not, figure out how you are going to effectively lead a team and keep them motivated, so that your dividends go up, steadily. Another important aspect of strategy and planning is incorporating a sales plan, because ultimately it is the ability to be able to sell a product that will fetch you returns and profits. You will not succeed even if you work hard and put in every minute of your time into the venture you have undertaken, unless you have the right sales strategy and target consumer group figured out.

Here are a few things that may serve as broad guidelines in formulating a strong sales strategy to take you on the path of being successful in the world of home-based MLM businesses. To begin with, your apparent focus should be on building skills as opposed to sales. Keep in mind that sales will flow automatically. MLM business is perhaps the only home-based work opportunity that helps you acquire skills that not only help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur but also enhance your personality on the whole. It gives you the ability to connect with people, understand their needs and requirements. Once you have acquired this skill, establishing a rapport with your potential clients is going to be a cakewalk, and this is what ultimately transforms into sales and generation of profits.

When you reach out to your potential customers, your approach and focus should not solely be sales and profits. Reach out to your clients with a view and objective to help them. A successful MLM entrepreneur does not force products on potential clients by convincing them that they require a particular product, instead he tries to identify the needs and requirements of a potential consumer, and offers a service or product only if really suits their needs. This approach will project you as a genuine person, who is not out there just for the sake of profits. This is the key to win hearts. Speaking in terms of sales, the more hearts you win, the more the chances of your success. It is these people who will spread this goodwill your have earned by word-of-mouth and in turn, earn you more customers.

Taking this approach a step forward, your endeavor must also be on building relationships. Any business thrives or perishes depending on the reputation of the person running it. This factor becomes all the more crucial when we talk about MLM businesses. People will only want to be associated with you, do business with you and buy products that you are offering, only if they can put trust in you. To be able to win hearts and earn people’s trust, it is important to build harmonious relationships. Your outlook should not be limited turning a potential lead into a consumer. While working on building relationships, the focus should remain on your ability to connect with a person. It is okay to put aspects pertaining to profits and sales on the back-burner, while to do so. Count your relationships with your potential leads, and sales will follow.

Once you have won hearts, established a rapport with people and earned yourself goodwill, your potential customers will want to know what you have to offer. Remember, an MLM entrepreneur is only as good as the product he has to offer. For this, it is important that you are able to project your product in the most effective manner, and that can be done only if you have an in-depth knowledge about your product. If you know the product like the back of your hand. You should, at no point, seem to be struggling for the right answer to a customer’s query. What aspects of the product you are going to highlight, what peg are going to lend to the product’s features, should all be worked out in your mind even before you approach a prospect client. This is possible only when you know your prospect inside out. This is going to be a decisive factor in what shape your sales chart takes.

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If you have a detailed strategy and an effective sales plan worked out by the time you start generating initial leads, there is no stopping you from being a hit in this world of home-based businesses.

As has been reiterated several times over, the essence of success in an MLM venture largely depends on an individual’s ability to amass information about a product or service, devote a considerable chunk of your time to the initiative and work hard. It is imperative that you know what a given project entails you to do before you invest your life’s savings and time in it.

Having figured out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in an MLM set-up, one needs to be aware of reputed companies in this arena and the niche they cater to. This is essential for zeroing in on the company that is best suited to you abilities and requirements. In the past five decades of existence of MLM companies, it has been widely established that most MLM, rather most successful MLMs cater to the health sector. This is the most viable and sought after niche in MLM industry, because everyday more and more people are falling prey to deadly disease, our lifestyles have become so sedentary and food habits so unhealthy that after a couple of years it is difficult to keep going without health supplements and tablets, making it the most viable business proposition. It is easy to find end-users and distributors because both are in plenty; at the same time, it is beneficial for consumers to have their daily dose of health supplements etc delivered at their doorstep or even knowing where it can be procured from is good enough.

Of all the MLM companies selling dietary and health supplement, Symmetry Corporation is a leading brand name. The company – based out of California – was established by Rudy Revak in May 1995. The company wears its motive on its sleeve – ‘Changing people’s lives for the better’. Working with this motto for the past 17 years has helped this company double its growth percentage year after year.

Symmetry Corporation offers a wide range of health-related products that cater to nutritional dietary supplements, weight reduction, skin care etc. A water filter has been a unique addition to the company’s kitty of products. With an aim to bring health and robustness to its consumers, Symmetry Corporation stresses on the importance of using only natural ingredients for all its health products.

All those venturing into the field of multi level marketing want to be associated with not only a reliable but also a prestigious name. The good news here is that an MLM giant such as Symmetry Corporation has kept this process simple and uncomplicated. At Symmetry multi- level marketing enterprise, index of profit generation is not only the number of products one sells but also the products sold by the people one hires. The key behind the success story of this multi level marketing is direct sales, spreading awareness about the given products through word-of-mouth, and profits percolating down to every member of this MLM chain. This ensures a constant inflow and circulation of money and in the end, nobody stands to lose or suffer losses. The profits thus generated are then split according to the percentage share of each person involved. A distributor can use relationship marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, direct selling, network marketing, and interactive marketing as tools to make considerable profits.

To become a Symmetry MLM distributor, all you need is a start-up cost, which is a modest amount and won’t burn a whole in your pocket or make you think twice about your decision. Anyone who signs up as a distributor is given right to access several tools and guides that can help a person learn the ethos of the organization, along with networking skills. Besides, every distributor also has access to a personalized website and automatically becomes a part of the community of distributors.

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There are various ways to make profits out of your association with Symmetry Corporation. You can opt for retail, where you buy products at base cost and sell it at its retail price, making a profit from the margins. Another way to make profits is residual earning, which comprises an eight-level structure and a distributor who is part of this scheme is paid some money for any sale made on any of these eight levels. The third option offered by Symmetry is quick start bonus, where all you need to do is enroll and order products for your personal use. In case, you also get more people to enroll for the same scheme, the margin of your bonus goes up automatically. Another way is by earning rapid rewards – here you are paid for every new distributor that you refer to the company. Besides, you stand a chance to earn a bonus on the first month’s order of every distributor you have referred. The last profit-making option is corporate sales pool. In this scheme, a distributor earns through acquiring a share in the company’s overall product sales.

Before you begin working as a distributor with Symmetry, you’d be made to undergo training and your recruiters will ensure you are fit to handle the challenges of this business opportunity. Every distributor stands a chance to receive a commission of up to 42%, depending on your performance and eligibility.

Though Symmetry offers a great and lucrative deal to its MLM distributors, the parameters of success and failure do not change. The company throws a host of opportunities at the people associated with it, now it is for them to make the most of this opportunity. Whether you can take out the time and generate enough leads on a daily basis, whether you let this process of going to different people everyday and speaking about the same services or products tire you, and other such factor will definitely play a decisive role in how well you use these lucrative offers to your advantage.

Besides Symmetry’s MLM opportunities, the company also runs a lifestyle program, comprising nine main modules. Seven of these are further divided into sub-modules. The modules are known as FVP, RFVP, AFVP, IFVP, NFVP, EFVP, Premium EFVP and Chief EFVP. Except FVP and Chief EFVP, all the modules have sub-categories. These sub-categories are 1 star and 2 star RFVP, 1 star and 2 star AFVP, 1 star and 2 star IFVP, 1 star and 2 star NFVP, 1 star and 2 star EFVP, and 1 star and 2 star Premium EFVP. Each module or level allows you to make profits, along with achievement bonuses and annual trips, depending on how much you excel in your chosen module.

Experts claim that the company can afford to pay a handsome remuneration to those working with or for it, because it is privately owned and doesn’t work under the pressure of looking good in the books of analysts at the Wall Street. This is the prime reason why the company has been able to pull of its ‘focus on people over profits’ approach for over 17 years now.

Also a great deal of the revenue generated through sale of its health-related products goes into research and development, which in turn lends the company the ability to boast of the best products, with some credibility. Decision-makers at Symmetry Corporation strongly believe that opting for a more personalized approach such as multi level marketing through means such word of mouth has been beneficial and earned more profits that an extensive media campaign would ever have.

After a low-down on how the multi marketing opportunities at Symmetry Corporation operate and what makes this company a success, a sneak peek into its product list is only obvious. The company’s products have thus far been broadly classified as health-related. But when one get down to the specifics, one realizes that Symmetry offer a wide range of products, each catering to a different kind of requirement.

In its World Famous Nutritionals section, Symmetry offers products such as Genesis – a juice comprising red grape, pomegranate, apple and aloe vera. In fact, Genesis is not just a juice. It is your key to keep your body young and energetic.

The Ultra Vitality Crystals are Symmetry’s alternative to regular health supplements such as multi vitamins. Instead of regular capsules, Symmetry has come up with a drink mix, which allows your body to save on the digestion time and lets the supplement nourish your body sooner. Another variant of this product is the Ultra Vitality NutraPack. It is a comprehensive multivitamin that caters to every nutritional need of the body.

In the targeted nutritionals section, Symmetry offer products such as Fruit-A-Mins, Botana E, Botana G, Botana C, Advanced Omega, Mega Juice, Calcium Coverage and Future Star. Each of these products is cut out for a different nutritional need of the human body. For example, the Fruit-A-Mins is meant to enhance an all-round development of a child, while Mega Juice gives the body its necessary doze of antioxidants.

The weight management section has products such as CarbLess, NiteLite, SimplySlym, WOW Smoothie, ThermoBalance, Lipo-Sorb, Symply Magic, VS. Shake and WOW Pack. Each of these products caters to a different need of the body, be it losing flab or getting the right kind of abs.

At Symmetry, it’s not all about making profits and generating revenues. The company also does its bit, in giving back to the society. As part of its philanthropy program, the company reaches out to the under-privileged across the globe. The endeavor is to make basic facilities such as education, sanitation and healthcare to the maximum number of people.

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