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It is said that there are few people who have the ability to visualize a goal and know how to make it happen. Rudy Revak not only has the vision, but has the ambition, the talent and the drive to make his vision a reality for himself and for thousands of others who have made Symmetry a part of their lives.

Rudy was born in a German barn loft, a child of refugees. His parents knew suffering and oppression and, after bringing their family to America, they never let Rudy forget how fortunate he was to be in a country where he had the opportunity to become whatever he dreamed. He saw his parents work long, hard hours on a chicken farm trying to make ends meet. He vowed that when he grew up he would do what he could to repay them for those years.

After spending several years in the U.S. Army, and upon returning home from Vietnam, Rudy went to college. After two years, and after watching several friends graduate only to find low-paying jobs, Rudy realized that merely having a higher education was not a guarantee of higher earnings.

Later, after he had entered the work force, Rudy turned to direct sales to supplement his income. His background had given him a strong belief in the power of free enterprise. “There truly is no other system that offers people so much,” reflects Rudy today. “Yet many people don’t realize what is actually available to them through this wonderful system.” Within a few years, Rudy would become a successful distributor, building a large international direct sales organization. However, Rudy wanted to create something new of his own, something that would reflect all that he had learned about people and business — where he could do business guided by the principles he believed in, and where he could give to others what he had been fortunate enough to find in his own life. And so Symmetry was born.

When he started Symmetry, Rudy had a vision. Part of it was to make available to people a product line that would help them reach their full physical potential. For years he had studied and used nutritional supplements, and believed that good nutrition could make a positive impact on a person’s energy and health, and on their life. He wanted to help make it possible for everyone to reap these benefits.

But that wasn’t the entire vision. Rudy’s primary goal was to create a vehicle which could help thousands of people to grow, develop and reach their own financial goals. As one of the founding fathers of the direct sales industry, he has known and worked with many of the giants in direct sales. He has pulled together a team of these pioneers to form the core of his new business, and in the process, has created an opportunity unlike any other today.

Rudy’s goal is to make Symmetry the most respected direct sales company in the world. Through a high-quality product line, an outstanding marketing plan and a philosophy of helping people to help themselves, Symmetry offers people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, a chance to achieve success and to live their dreams.compensation plan mlm symmetry

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Willie Larkin entered the direct sales business in 1969 on a part-time basis while teaching school full time in Chicago, Illinois. After discovering how fascinating and lucrative it was, he decided to make direct sales a career and soon found he could use his teaching skills to show people how to reach their goals and dreams. He then found himself quickly achieving the positions of Area, Regional, and Divisional Director and later, he became a Vice President of a company.

In 1975, there came an exciting opportunity to expand abroad. Since that time, Willie has conducted sales and management conferences for a wide variety of people in the direct sales industry. His travels have taken him to the Orient, Europe, South America, Canada, and Mexico. He has helped thousands of distributors build their businesses and spends thousands of hours training people in direct sales.

Today, Willie is one of the industry’s most highly respected international executives. We’re proud to have him as a member of the Symmetry Executive Team.

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Dr. Mark Crāpō, primary Health Care Physician for 25 years, is one with a versatile background in health through his credentials, educational degrees and professional achievements. Dr. Mark graduated cum laude with a BS from Central Michigan University and a background in Sports Medicine, Sex Education, Religion and Exercise Physiology; then earned his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine from the California Acupuncture College. He has been the first in many accomplishments including the first board-certified acupuncture physician and OMD to practice in the state of Michigan, as well as the first intern to be published in an international medical journal for his college research on childbirth.

As Symmetry’s VP of Product Development and Training, Dr. Mark contributes his profound knowledge of nutrition, going above and beyond to properly instruct the public on the benefits and appropriate use of Symmetry’s products. He has shared his expertise through presentation DVDs, published articles and seminars across the world. Dr. Mark is also an important member of Symmetry’s TRAC (Technical Research and Advisory Committee) team, helping to manage the formulation and production of Symmetry’s product lines while ensuring it reflects the latest nutritional science and the most advanced science available. Dr. Mark is an advocate of holistic health care and has published a college textbook, an accredited nutritional course as well as many health articles on herbs, healing and oriental medicine.

Aside from his keen interest and specialty in herbal medicine, Dr. Mark is an avid practitioner of martial arts, overseeing several self-defence and martial arts schools in Michigan while teaching self-defence globally. He is the Chief Instructor of the Aikido Institute of Michigan with a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, and is an inductee to the Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

For more information on Dr. Mark’s whereabouts and latest findings, view his blog on the Symmetry website – or visit www.DrMarkCrapo.com to learn more about his line of work.

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Mary Julich began her career working in the payroll and accounts payable areas of a large electronics firm. After several successful years, she decided to try a sales career out on her own, and, eventually, she began her own business. Although successful, Mary had always wanted to be involved with a young and dynamic company, and, in 1975, she saw her chance by getting involved in the direct selling industry. First responsible for overseeing the accounting area of a large company, Mary quickly found herself playing an active role in all aspects of the business. Her duties involved the implementation of state-of-the-art computer and data processing equipment and helping to automate and integrate the accounting and data processing departments. She eventually moved on to become Vice President of Marketing where her responsibilities included supervision of all of the company’s internal and external communications.

As a long time business associate of Mr. Revak, Mary made the decision to work alongside him when she saw the tremendous potential of the Symmetry opportunity and product line. Today, as Vice President of Marketing, Mary brings her two decades of experience in all aspects of direct sales to the company, with her primary responsibilities being the supervision of all distributor support functions, corporate communications, product development, and event planning.symmetry compensation plan


Steven Kole has been involved in the administration of direct sales companies for the past 22 years. Having first worked as an accountant for a Chicago-based C.P.A. firm, and then as a controller for a public corporation, he accepted a position as General Manager of a multi-national direct sales company. His past experience includes the operation of various domestic companies as well as their international expansion into new markets.

As Chief Financial Officer, Steven oversees all financial and operational aspects of Symmetry. His unique skills and long-term association with other members of the Executive Staff provide a solid contribution to the company.symmetry compensation plan


The Management Team at Symmetry Corporation

Hi my name is Brandon Langer. I am the Corporate Vice President for the US and have been working at Symmetry Corporation for more than fourteen years. I have had the opportunity to do everything in the company from stuffing envelopes, to answering phones, to travelling around the world.

I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley in California, where everybody wants to work for an internet-based company or in the technology field. However, I have always had a dream to be in a position where I would be able to help change people’s lives for the better physically and financially.

I graduated from San Jose State in 2002 with a Hospitality Management degree and a minor in Business, but I chose not to search the job market where I would ultimately hear that I didn’t have enough experience. Instead, I chose to work my way from the bottom up at Symmetry Corporation, where I was working part time.

A person that I highly respect said to me, “there is no shame in failure, there is only shame in quitting.” I will remember these words for the rest of my life. This quote reminds me to never quit at anything I do.

To help Symmetry succeed, I always aim to have a positive mental attitude and never give up. My goal is to bridge the gap between our business partners and the company, making sure that the field has a voice and that voice is heard.

I want to support your business the best I can because above all, I know business partners are my number one priority. I look forward to working with you and continuing to enjoy the journey to success.

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Brian Niederhaus brings over 14 years of direct selling experience to the Field Services team. In addition, he has many years of “traditional” business management under his belt. Having built a successful sales force and customer base, Brian understands how important good support is to a business partner in the field. He and the Field Services teams around the world are focused purely on your success and the success of your sales team.

Symmetry’s motto “We build people and people build our business” is why you can expect great support from Symmetry’s International Field Service team anywhere in the world.


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Symmetry Corporation – History and Direction

The Symmetry Corporation has been in the market since as early as 1995, having one particular mission of seeking the full potential among individuals and to make available all humans the benefits of their patented genesis drink through internet marketing and other media. The Symmetry Corporation has achieved a significant feat in arresting your aging and keeping your beautiful and energetic through out. The genesis symmetry drink, made out of pomegranate, xtranol-24, resveratrol and other components provides you the chance to stop the clock ticking and reduce the rate of your aging. This allows you to stay young and retain all the vitality that you require for living a happy and prosperous life.

Symmetry Website

Who’s the Man in Charge?

The history of the Symmetry Corporation runs back to the month of May 1995, when Mr. Rudy Revak laid the company’s foundation in Milpitas, California. The symmetry genesis earned early success by introducing the anti-cancerous genesis drink which was its exclusive product that no other company had. Hence, in human history based on scientific researches, the genesis drink, perfected by Symmetry Corporation, went down as one of the greatest medicine to prevent aging, killing cancer cells, keeping blood pressure under control and various other benefits. In addition, the juice retains its user’s energy and provides more durability to its user’s bodily functions.

A Multi Level System That Works

The genesis drink hence made Symmetry Corporation famous all over the world. In its 17 years of operation, under the direction of Dr. Rudy Revak who himself has been in the industry for 38 years, this mlm business has instituted distributive centers around Orlando, Florida and is expanding at international locations at a rapid pace. Symmetry Corporation is run by credible executives, having been engaged in more than 200 years of research work in making the perfect blend of resveratrol (red wine extract) and other nutrients that keeps you healthy and spirited always. Symmetry Corporation has also excelled in creating a perfect mix of X’tranol-24, Glutathione and SOD, which is popularly known as its triple patent formula.

A Known and Respected Business

The Symmetry Corporation does not lag behind when it comes to technology. In fact, it is one of the frontiers of science who readily incorporated nouveau Internet-based multi level marketing technology so that it can earn a global recognition. The Symmetry Company has since been associated with popular organizations and groups such as Direct Selling Association, Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and California Chamber of Commerce, etc. The Symmetry Corporation, even since, has more than 50000 satisfied customers, who have experienced positive growth in their body’s stamina and ability to fight diseases. These customers have used Symmetry’s genesis anti aging antioxidants drink and have accomplished favorable results.

A Focus on Health

The Symmetry Company has its own prescribed goal, which it seeks to follow with full dedication. It has a mission of making its antioxidant juice or its genesis drink available to every citizens of the world. It wants to influence and fix those individuals suffering from early aging or symptoms of cancer. Its genesis drink contains red wine resveratrol, also known as ‘miracle molecule’ that has the unique quality to increase your lifespan and boost up your health to a considerable level. Hence, it is this antioxidant drink that is the forte of Symmetry and it’s this juice that Symmetry aims to make available all over the world.

Health and Wealth for all Who Participate

The goals of Symmetry Corporation is hence well woven and well set. Its goal is to become one of the best System Application Products (SAP) among the business groups. It also seeks to become one of the best mlm businesses in order to serve the best possible product to their customers. All these goals and aims are centralized upon its own sole product, which is the genesis drink. The company assumes the role of creating the most beneficial intermixing of ellagic acid, resveratrol in wine, pomegranate juice and Aloe Vera juice in order to check and alleviate most of the harmful diseases that may affect its customers.

The Symmetry Corporation has a mission to find out the appropriate nutritional replacements for the human body and keep their faith upon their belief that good nutrition always has an undeniable positive outcome upon health and nourishment. Adopting this basic idea, the Symmetry Corporation has always targeted to make its product better, more reliable and more effective in order to make its user’s body almost impregnable and inviolable. It has an aim of identifying all the benefits and advantages of its Genesis drink to the global citizen and makes them more secure and immune to serious life-threatening diseases.

Symmetry Website

Patented Health Systems

The Symmetry Corporation wants to make known its users about the benefits that they can exploit from their hallmark product. Symmetry’s Genesis juice, that contains wine extracts, x’tranol-24, resveratrol, ellagic acid and PhytoPure™ Herbal Blend in order to secure its users from diseases like influenza, tearing of muscles, cardiovascular complications, obesity and abnormalities of the blood pressure. Moreover, the drink infuses its users with important nutrients like vitamins, digestive enzymes, cruciferous nutrients and carotenoids. Other advantages of this drink from Symmetry are prevention of breast cancer, promotion of sustained sleep, decreasing of cholesterol and forbid blood clots.

Genesis Drink – The Flagship Product

The list of benefits of the Genesis drink is endless and hence its desirability and utility have increases too in the past few years. The Symmetry Corporation has indeed achieved its goal and mission to make Genesis available to most customers. This accomplishment of goal of Symmetry Corporation reflects its dynamic nature, in merging together consumers belonging to various backgrounds. Its aim, which still remains is to have the ability and resource to let all individuals live to their fullest, contribute to the society with more enthusiasm and make their dreams a reality.

The Symmetry Company always has and will try to influence and assist individuals belonging to all walks of life. It serves to cater to those who are in dire need of it medicine, without any unwanted background check for him. Symmetry Corporation is devoted in bringing you more prospects of healing and attain full potential in life.symmetry compensation plan

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