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What Buying a Symmetry Business Pack Gives You

Buying a Business Pack automatically enrols you as a Symmetry Global Business Partner. You can now enrol people from all over the world, in countries that Symmetry operates in. There are no exclusive territories. You can have someone from New Jersey USA or Vancouver BC Canada in your immediate downline, it’s not a problem, in fact it is encouraged.

The Annual Business Partner fee of $25 is charged on your initial purchase and is more than compensated for with the many free product given as gifts when ordering. From this point on the earning potential is literally limitless.  Symmetry’s rapid profit system allows you to change the position of those in your downline to maximize profits. Rarely does any other network marketing company allow you to do this. You can literally structure your downline so that not only you but your downline can be encouraged by greater profits.


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What is a Sym-e-Site and How can I make Money from it?

As a Symmetry Business Partner -  You get your own Sym-e-Site. Your Sym-e-Site is a Free Personalized Website controlled by you and maintained by Symmetry. You do not need to set up your own website even though some have chosen this option. It has all the Symmetry Products within a shopping cart interface. It has been designed to help you sell Symmetry Products and enrol preferred customers and business partners. The website also provides information on all the Symmetry Products. This website is instantly operational once you become a business partner. Simply login, set up your unique identification link and start selling. Once you’re set up, you can start sending prospects and leads to your personalized Symmetry website and all purchases and sign-ups are attributed to you and become part of your downline.

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