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Acres of Diamonds Can be Found by Ordinary People Doing ExtraOrdinary Things – Rudy Revak

symmetry Rudy RevakRecently at the 2013 Symmetry Lead Conference in Las Vegas, Rudy Revak CEO of Symmetry Corporation spoke to a captive audience about how to become a leader and a successful network marketer no matter what you’re selling and what obstacles lay before you.

Acknowledging that we live in a world of negative thinking that serves only to reduce our vision of ourselves, Rudy enlightens the crowd with his many stories of success and the necessary qualities a person will need to posses to push forward in spite of the flood of destructive thinking so prevalent in the world we live in. He is living proof that it cam be done and the journey is where the joy is.

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Mr Revak who has 7 established and successful companies and active in all of them, spoke from the heart as he started to talk about what makes us successful in life and business. Rudy makes a point that he has not retired (in spite of rumours) and how he is busier than ever, flying from country to country, event to event. Possessing energy that would leave a younger man in the dust. Fuelled by the love of the game he says that retirement is for people who hate their job and if you work at what you love, “you’ll never work a day in your life”. Always expanding his vision of the companies he directs, offers the same advice to his audience. Be constantly expanding your vision of yourself and your possibilities. His goal in closing the convention was to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to become leaders and learn the art of duplicating leadership amongst their organization.

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The First Step – Belief!

strong womanThe first step is really believing that you can. You can become what you imagine, you can become the person you envision, you can change your life for the better, regardless of the avalanche of contrary opinions and media conditioning to reduce and shrink your vision of yourself…..YOU CAN EXPAND YOUR IDEA OF YOURSELF AND YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The only real roadblock will be your lack of belief. So start their first and truly embrace that all possibilities are open to you as to everyone else. Success is not exclusive or set aside for the privileged few. It is a basic human right and a real possibility there for the taking.

Are You Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Everyone talks about the achievements of others as though achieved by some extra ordinary skill or talent. Extra ordinary achievements come from extra ordinary people is what the idea is. Mr Revak has a different idea on that. “There is no such thing on this earth as an extra ordinary person”. We all have assets and liabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some people excel in one thing and are lacking in others. No one person is the complete package. Sighting the famous Tiger Woods as and example of an exceptional golfer but a poor family role model. We all have strengths and can all excel at certain things, but in other areas we may fail dismally, it doesn’t mean we are a complete failure, just that we have become aware of our strengths and limitations.

However there are ordinary people who do extra ordinary things and this is the type of person Rudy encourages everyone to be. Find Your strengths and use your assets to your advantage and you will be achieving extra ordinary things if you simply start by believing you can.

I Just Don’t Think I Can….

Everyone can come up with excuses or even valid reasons to disqualify themselves from achieving extra ordinary things. Rudy acknowledged that society trains us to believe less of ourselves and beat ourselves down. We need to fight against this type of thinking and push through with a re-defined view of ourselves that goes beyond what is meant to keep us where we are.

Do not Play the Comparison Game

love yourself How often do people pat you on the back for doing something right? Very few! As soon as you do something wrong, it seems that everyone comes out of the woodwork to make sure you realize how badly you did and how you should never forget it. Even is school when you got the results of a test back, you saw instantly those big red marks showing you everything that you got wrong. Nobody said you where stupid but the inference was there….”Look at how many things you got wrong…stupid”. instead of telling you that you got 8 questions right, they focused on how you got 2 questions wrong, re-enforcing the idea that your where never going to be good enough. This paradigm of thinking is all wrong.

All of our lives we are trained to see ourselves as what we are not and not what we are.

Everyone has assets and liabilities. You might look at a brilliant doctor and marvel at his abilities, but can they throw a curve ball like you do? Or build a house or fix a car like you can? Most probably not. Everyone has assets and liabilities. Let us focus on our assets and use those assets to re-define our lives and live them achieving extra ordinary things without comparing ourselves to others.

 What are the Qualities that Make us Achieve Extraordinary Things

Based on his 42 years in this business, Rudy lists (in no particular order) the qualities he believes will help all marketers achieve extra ordinary things. These qualities have nothing to do with education, age or background or anything other than your desire to do extra ordinary things.

People who do extraordinary things………

…Plant where they are

plant where you arePeople who achieve extra ordinary things don’t have the grass is always greener syndrome, jumping from one idea to the next, attracted from one shiny object to the next. Jumping from one opportunity to the next will not produce the results you are looking for. “The grass may me greener over the other side of the fence but it’s still as hard to mow”, says Rudy. If you haven’t developed the soil you are working right here, right now, what’s going to change when you jump to the next project. You’ll still practice the same bad habits with your new project and experience the same results until the next shiny object comes along and off you go, leaving one unfinished project after another unfinished project.

“If you can’t mow where you are, then you’re not going to mow there either”. Stay put and Plant Where You Are! develop the skills necessary to be successful no matter where you are. This can only be achieved by focusing on what is right in front of you and learning all the necessary skills to make you successful where you are.

Rudy Revak Suggest we all read a little book by Russell Conwell called: Acres of Diamonds
It is a Story about a farmer in South Africa who was going to make his fortune out in the big wide world. Cutting a long story short he didn’t find his fortune and died broke. The Same farm that he lived on they discovered the De Beers Diamond Mind. This illustrates that fortunes can be made right where you are. Success is not out there somewhere. It’s right where you are, practising extraordinary habits and focusing on your assets and not your liabilities.

…..Take full responsibility 

dont's blame othersRudy says that the average person is always playing the victim. Blaming everyone and everything except themselves for the situation they’re in. People who do extraordinary things take full responsibility for their actions and own their victories, mistakes, failings and successes….everything. What you are dishing out is what you’ll receive back….in multiples. Do not expect results that you haven’t worked for, planned for, sacrificed for. Swinging back and forward on your rocking chair, complaining why the world hasn’t delivered your dream is a ridiculous notion. Take responsibility for your success and do all the things necessary for those things to come true. Stop making excuses for what you have been too afraid to do, too timid to do, too lazy to do.

Take full responsibility for taking every step you need to take and take it, without blame or excuse. What you desire comes at a price. Be responsible and pay the price. Excuses put you on a turning treadmill that gives you the illusion of progress, but in reality, takes you nowhere.

Own your Situation

happy successful man

By taking ownership you also take back control. With control comes the power to change your life for the better. Don’t deny yourself the power to change by blaming others. Your decisions put you where you are and your decisions will pull you out. Take full responsibility, keep control, it’s your power to change.

Rudy tells about the early days and how he wasn’t doing well in business. When he was asked by a friend (Marty Davis) why he wasn’t doing so well, he rattled off this long list of excuses for his misfortune. “I was born in the wrong part of the world (Germany) as a refugee, then I was raised in the wrong part of the world (New Jersey) with all the disadvantages, I grew up on a chicken farm without the money or opportunity to go to College….and the list when on and on. His friend listened patiently and after Rudy had finished reciting his long list of grievances against the world, his mentor said, “There is only one thing that is missing from that list……YOU”. The point his mentor was making that the problem wasn’t really anything on Rudy’s list, the problem WAS Rudy and his view of things. The things that Rudy mentioned happens to everyone and were not special circumstances, but the way he was dealing with them and using them as excuses for failure, was the problem and that needed to change if he was going to progress.

Rudy also told about when he was in Toronto in his early days and it snows a lot in Toronto. He was thinking about how much it snowed as he was driving through an expensive suburb in Toronto. As as he was passing a very expensive house (about 5 million worth) to his amazement, there was snow on his lawn the same as it was on Rudy’s lawn. The point being, the same things happen to everyone, it’s what you do about them and how you handle them that makes all the difference. Discouragement, disappointment and disadvantage are not reserved for the poor only, the rich have them as well. If you want to do extraordinary things then take responsibility for who you are and where you are. This mental outlook will give you the power to turn things around.

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……Find a way

Find a way. The average person looks for excuses and is content in whining about their situation in life, but the person who practices extra ordinary things……FINDS A WAY.

average person compainingThere is always reason to complain if that’s the way you want to think. There are plenty of reasons to give up if that’s what you want to do. As was just mentioned earlier, the reasons will come in waves and without let up. If there is a mountain in front of you, then go around, go through, go over, go under…it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to progress and you’ll just simply keep pushing and keep driving forward until the obstacle has been overcome and guess what…here comes another one. With the attitude that you will simply push through and find a way, the obstacles are no surprise and simply become part of the journey. The average person gives up easily and spends the rest of their time complaining about the obstacles while you are long gone and on your way to reaching your destination.

Rudy told a familiar story about the stutterer who wanted to become a Bible salesman.

bible salesman

The stutterer was initially discouraged but he kept persisting and was finally given the job of selling Bibles, but no one gave him much of a chance at succeeding. In the first week he became the top salesman. The second, third and fourth as well. on the fifth week when he again became the top salesman, the other salesmen pulled him aside and asked him what his secrets was and the stuttering Bible salesman said…

” I..I…I….j..j..j..just go up..t..to..to..to the front d..d..door and say..wo..wo..would you like…to…to…to buy a bb…bb…bb..Bible..or..w…w…w….would you…l..l…like..m..m…me t…t…to read it to you”.

Everyone bursts out in laughter…..we all got the point. The Stuttering Bible salesman found a way to make his liability work to his advantage because we wanted to FIND A WAY to do the job….and he did. If you really want to do something, you will find a way. It may not be a conventional way and your ways may be criticized by all the average onlookers because it’s not a conventional way but you will succeed.

Rudy relates a personal example of someone using their liabilities as an asset. His own mother in law contracted a flu virus in the rural Philippines when she was 2 years old and went blind as a result. In those days especially in the country areas of the Philippines, there was not much hope for a blind 2 year old female. She was put in the backyard with the chickens as companions. Again cutting a long story short, that little blind girl managed to go to college, move from the Philippines to Hawaii, became a singer in Hawaii and at one time was called the song bird of Hawaii. Went on to raise a family of six girls and did all of the domestic work, cooking, cleaning like anyone else would. After graduating from college went on to be the first non sighted school teacher of sighted children in California. She taught high school English and even joined the peace corp for a couple of years. Not bad for a blind girl who had all the disadvantages you could imagine.

What a great example of someone who found a way. It demonstrates perfectly how powerful, determination is. Determination to “find a way” can be much more powerful than any obstacle put before us as long as we want something bad enough. Success is first a disposition of the mind before it is anything else.

NEVER GIVE UP is the underlying message……..find a way!

The person who practices extraordinary thinking and takes action in accord with that thinking will eventually……FIND A WAY.

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…..Listen twice as much as you talk

The main point being, if you’re talking you’re not learning, if you’re listening, you’re learning.

When you listen effectively, you can re-transmit. In other words, you can then become a good copier. You can copy the habits and advice of successful people and duplicate their success in your own life. A key success principle is to learn from successful people. Take them to dinner and ask them questions. More importantly, listen to their answers. Talking about yourself the whole time will be a supreme waste of time. Listen and listen well. This a a BIG success principle and one everyone needs to put into practice.

Success is usually found in the minor things. Small ideas, small principles or practices that can turn a failing idea into a success. You will only be able to hear these things if you become an effective listener. We’re not talking about listening to destructive criticism, we’re talking about listening to successful people and the advice they have to give. If you’re looking to be a good family man, then find the best family man you know and listen to their advice. If you’re looking to become a successful businessman, then seek out the advice of the most successful businessman you know and most importantly…….listen with the view to acting on the advice.

Most business leaders are not the ones doing the talking. They are usually the ones doing the listening and acting on what they hear. The will get their team together and allow everyone to give their input. After everything has been heard, they are the decision makers and ultimately the ones who guide the company and spearhead the organization in the direction it will go. If the organization is to head in the direction that will ultimately benefit the company, then the leader has to be an intuitive and insightful listener and spend most of his or hers time listening, not talking.

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…..Enjoy the Journey

enjoy the journey……….your going to be on it for a very long time!

People who practice extra ordinary things are not the type who see happiness and fulfilment reserved for a time when they realize the end result. They have a vision and enjoy the journey.

Rudy refers back to Earl Nightingale and how in his opinion, Earl had the best definition of success that he had ever heard. When Earl was asked what his definition of success was he said this: Success is….

“The Progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

Rudy brings attention to the word “Progressive”. It’s not just the ideal, or the end result that defines success, but it is your ability to enjoy the progressive realization of that ideal or vision….the journey…..that defines success.

Look at every successful person out there, they are enjoying the journey and those journeys are not paved with all highs without any lows. Every journey has its peaks and valleys without exception.

Rudy Revak mentions Donald Trump (love him or hate him) as a man who’s journey has been as varied as it gets. He has had his highs and lows more than most. At one stage about fifteen years ago he was totally broke (more than broke) he owed billions of dollars. He owed so much at one point (during the housing market crash) that the banks would not allow him to file for bankruptcy because he would have take a lot of banks with him, and so they worked with him and bailed him out. Now he’s back on top and enjoying the journey.

When you read through a success biography of someone who has made it big in the business world. Most of the book is about the journey they took to get where they are. To the reader, the most interesting and fascinating details of the person’s life are not in the final achievements or the destination. These things can be told in a paragraph or two. The most fascinating details to us, are found in the expounding and unravelling of the journey. Most biography’s of successful people are filled with confessions of failure after failure, peppered with a few successes that seem to more than make up for all the many losses and disappointments. Without the details of the journey we would be bored and move on to something else. If the highs and lows or the journey are so interesting to us, then we should learn to enjoy the journey that we are on. when all the disappointments are overcome then it becomes and adventure.

People who practice extraordinary things appreciate the journey and enjoy the ride.

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next point…..

network marketing …..Build friendships

People who do extraordinary things build friendships. The average person destroys friendships.

The average person talks about people and not in a good way. Always tearing down and not building up. Other peoples achievements are a reason for condemnation to the average person. Fuelled by envy and greed the achievements of successful people are discredited and the motives dishonoured by people who are average.

Rudy says that there are two ways to have the biggest building in town. One way is to tear every other building down and the second is to build yours up. People who do extra ordinary things don’t spend their time tearing others down, they do the exact opposite. They spend their time building others up. Rudy, feeling strongly about this point and emphasizing the seriousness of this, even quotes one of the Ten Commandments -  “Though Shalt not Bear FALSE Witness” (Exodus 20:16 King James Version). A noble pursuit in life would be to build others up and not tear them down.

The next time you spend time with someone, think of how you left them feeling about themselves. Did they feel better about themselves as a direct result of the way you treated them and the way you talked about others? Or did they have a diminished opinion of themselves and feel exhausted and depressed because of the way you treated them and spoke about others?

People who do extraordinary things build friendships and abstain from tearing others down.

…..Cherish and Show Honor!

honorable network marketing

The Average person looks for expediency and the fast buck no matter how it comes. They do what they need to do right now to get what they want, without considering the right path, the moral road, the good and often harder…..tougher road. In other words, forgoing honor for temporary convenience and immediate advantage. Rudy says that honor is different from honesty. Being honorable is doing the right thing when others around you are unwilling.

Rudy tell everyone listening how much he loves the Musical, Jersey Boys ( Story of Franky Valley and The Four Seasons ). He has seen it 8 times and is not ashamed to admit it. Even though he loves the music and it reminds him or when he was coming of age, he draws a lesson from the musical about honor. One of the things Franky Valley did was as they were growing in the business, he made a handshake deal with somebody. Years later that handshake deal turned into a negative and cost him over a million dollars as a consequence of living up to that handshake deal. Franky Valley could easily have said….”No I’m not going to live up to the deal…I’m not taking care of it”, but his handshake was his honor.

Rudy expressed to the audience how deeply he feels about honor and how fundamental to his core beliefs, honor is. To him it is essential and doing business under any other paradigm is not the way for him or any other person professing to live an extraordinary life filled with integrity.

symmetry busienss practicesRelating a personal and true story, Rudy goes on to relate some things about the early days of Symmetry’s beginnings in 1995. The people who make Symmetry’s products and Symmetry, to this day have never signed a contract between them. When Symmetry was started back in 1995, Rudy had known, and was a friend of the owner of the manufacturing plant for approximately 10 years or so before he started Symmetry. They had never done business together before then. When they decided to work together on Symmetry, Rudy was given $400,000 worth of product to start the business by the owner of the manufacturing plant, on a handshake, and to this day operate in the same manner and have never signed a contract between them.

Integrity and Honor…..essential qualities and extraordinary habits.

rudy revak early daysTalking about how Honor is taught by example, and how children learn by example and not by what you say, Rudy goes on further to relate another very personal story of honor. When he was a young boy growing up on the chicken farm, his parents were losing the farm…literally going bankrupt. His parents couldn’t pay the feed to the feed company owing them $60,000.

Again Rudy cuts a long story short and relates how a power company was building a power line, and it was planned to go straight over their house. The power company wanted to buy just the house, but Rudy’s father refused to sell the house unless they bought the farm with the house. The power company not wanting to buy the farm, went to the feed company and offered to buy Rudy’s fathers debt. Once they had bought the debt (they thought) then they would come in and foreclose on the farm. The president of the feed company (a publicly traded company) called Rudy’s father and made him aware of what was happening, asking him what he should do. There was a very slim chance that the debt could be paid by Rudy’s father under the present circumstances. Rudy’s father said, “No matter what it takes, I will pay you”. The president of the feed company said to Rudy’s father, “You have always been honest, you have always been honorable, we will not sell your debt to the power company”. Regardless of the power company’s pressure, the feed company refused to sell the debt. Eventually the power company had to buy the house and the farm and Rudy’s dad had the money to pay his debt.

That parental example stuck in Rudy Revak’s head throughout his life and has been a cornerstone example of the power of integrity and honor and how you teach honor when you Lead with honor.

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Next on Rudy’s list of extraordinary qualities is….

…..Think BIG, Dream BIGGER !

symmetry direct think bigThe Average person always looks at what might go wrong and lives in fear of change and believing that something better is possible. Rudy relates that one day during the hard times he found his mother crying. Rudy wanting to console his mother asked her to stop crying and not to worry because one day he was going to become a millionaire and look after her. She told him outright not to think so big, that they were just ordinary average people. Rudy says that she was just trying to shield Rudy from disappointment, but in reality was putting him down (well meaning as it was). Rudy says looking back she should have said to him…”WHAT!…a millionaire? Why not a multi-millionaire“….Everyone laughs

People who do extraordinary things think big and shoot for the stars. You may not get all the things you are shooting for but you will get a lot more than if you aimed for something much smaller. Think big and be brave in achieving what you imagine. Have the BIG VISION and DREAM THE BIG DREAM and imagine things that do not yet exist and with your determination and persistence you can create things that did not exist before you dreamed them up. Imagine your perfect future in every detail and see yourself in that perfect future as if it where real and true. Make it as big as you can. Think big and have the audacity to believe yourself in that role and one day (with all the other qualities pushing you forward) you’ll wake up and while you weren’t paying attention, your dream has become a reality. Did you want the dream to be a big one, or a little one?

Here’s the next point…..

…..Get focused !

focus on symmetry businessThe average person is scattered. These are the people that are in 5 or 10 deals at the same time and in reality get nothing done. Don’t be that person! Be honest with yourself and get focused!

Get Focused…..Rudy makes the point again and again. Become a magnifying glass. We all know what a magnifying glass does when it focuses a little sunshine. Get sharp, get focused and get busy. Don’t be the type of person that neglects to take action on the exact things necessary to get the job done. Don’t be a scatter brain working on everything but what you are supposed to be working on. Get focused. Make a plan and work the plan, not on every little thing that comes your way in a day or a moment. Shut out the wold of distractions and work the plan till the work is done. Get focused! Doing other things only delays your progress. Your goals are not going to reach themselves. You have to be working those goals in a laser focused way without deviation. Let’s hear it one more time…..Get focused!

People who practice extraordinary things know how to focus and stay focused until the job is done.

…..Share positive

People who do extraordinary things not only are positive, more importantly….they share positive. Positivity is a constant habit that needs constant recharging. It’s not an endless source of energy that needs no external power. It is a quality that needs daily recharging and once you have been recharged, you can recharge others. We all know people who when they enter the room, brighten it up by their presence. We also know others who have the exact opposite affect. Be the type of person who has enough positivity that can be shared with others. Be aglow with positivity and recharge other when in their company. You can only do this, if you are constantly recharging your positivity.

next point…..

…..Ask, what can I do to help others?

 The average person says….”What’s in it for me”

In the network marketing business, especially, it’s all about helping others grow their business and by doing so, you ultimately help your own business grow. When your downline talks about you, they should be telling everyone about how instrumental you where in helping them grow their business and what a great mentor you have been. These are the kind of legacies we want to leave behind and spread around. Be known as a giver, someone who doesn’t mind spending time and effort to help all those in your organization, not someone who is hard to access and isn’t much help when people finally get a hold of them. People who do extraordinary things, are always looking to help others.

last but not least…..

positive quotes symmetry direct…..Never give up !

Successful people never quite. You can give them discouragement, disadvantage and a flood of bad runs….they simply never quit. This secret to success can have a category all of it’s own.

Winston Churchill was asked to speak to a graduating class at a university in England. They asked him to “Tell these students what it will take in life to succeed, so they can take this advice and become successes in life”. Winston Churchill who was known as a great inspirational orator went to the front of the auditorium in front of hundreds of students and simply said, “Never Give Up” and after pausing a few seconds said the same thing, “Never Give Up”, pausing again for a few seconds more, bellowed out in a load voice, “Never Give Up” and then Walked off the stage.

That message was clear and to the point and ended Rudy’s inspiration talk to a round of applause from the appreciative crowd.

If you would like to know more about how to start a successful business from home and become financially independent, then contact us here at:

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