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Mr. Rudy Revak – Founder & President of Symmetry Corporation

Rudy Revak at LEAD Convention Las Vegas March 2013 > > >

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It is said that there are few people who have the ability to visualize a goal and know how to make it happen. Rudy Revak not only has the vision, but has the ambition, the talent and the drive to make his vision a reality for himself and for thousands of others who have made Symmetry a part of their lives.

Humble Beginnings

Rudy was born in a German barn loft, a child of refugees. His parents knew suffering and oppression and, after bringing their family to America, they never let Rudy forget how fortunate he was to be in a country where he had the opportunity to become whatever he dreamed. He saw his parents work long, hard hours on a chicken farm trying to make ends meet. He vowed that when he grew up he would do what he could to repay them for those years.

Education is not Enough

After spending several years in the U.S. Army, and upon returning home from Vietnam, Rudy went to college. After two years, and after watching several friends graduate only to find low-paying jobs, Rudy realized that merely having a higher education was not a guarantee of higher earnings.

A Natural Salesman

Later, after he had entered the work force, Rudy turned to direct sales to supplement his income. His background had given him a strong belief in the power of free enterprise. “There truly is no other system that offers people so much,” reflects Rudy today. “Yet many people don’t realize what is actually available to them through this wonderful system.” Within a few years, Rudy would become a successful distributor, building a large international direct sales organization. However, Rudy wanted to create something new of his own, something that would reflect all that he had learned about people and business — where he could do business guided by the principles he believed in, and where he could give to others what he had been fortunate enough to find in his own life. And so Symmetry was born.

Symmetry – “My Own Vision”

When he started Symmetry, Rudy had a vision. Part of it was to make available to people a product line that would help them reach their full physical potential. For years he had studied and used nutritional supplements, and believed that good nutrition could make a positive impact on a person’s energy and health, and on their life. He wanted to help make it possible for everyone to reap these benefits.

Creating Opportunities for Everyone

But that wasn’t the entire vision. Rudy’s primary goal was to create a vehicle which could help thousands of people to grow, develop and reach their own financial goals. As one of the founding fathers of the direct sales industry, he has known and worked with many of the giants in direct sales. He has pulled together a team of these pioneers to form the core of his new business, and in the process, has created an opportunity unlike any other today.

Seventeen Years Later and Growing Faster than Ever

Rudy’s goal is to make Symmetry the most respected direct sales company in the world. Through a high-quality product line, an outstanding marketing plan and a philosophy of helping people to help themselves, Symmetry offers people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, a chance to achieve success and to live their dreams.

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Rudy Revak at LEAD Convention Las Vegas March 2013 > > >

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