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Winning the Praise of Medical Professionals World Wide

Are Your Supplements and Wellness Products Being Used in Hospitals?

symmetry 2 pack genesis BPThe typical answer to this question is – NO

As Network Marketers we do expect to promote products and services that genuinely benefit the user – It’s just good business!

Nobody wants to put in years of hard work building a solid downline, only to see it disappear as fast as you build it because your products don’t live up to the hype. Never is this more relevant than when you are promoting Nutritional Supplements or Wellness Products generally. Everyone expects them to do what they say they are going to do. Taking the necessary time and testing things out for yourself, is time well spent and eventually will help you make the wisest, possible choice. There are a lot of good products out there… and a lot of bad ones also.

So You’ve Found a Great Product – So What!

“What’s the difference between this and something I can buy at the local health food store?”

This is a question you will hear many times when you are promoting wellness products and your reaction to this question indicates how outstanding or ordinary your product really is. If you get excited about extolling the proprietary differences between your product and what you can find on a store shelf, then you are on a winner.  If you groan when hearing the question and flounder at differentiating your product, then it’s time to move on.

Is Choosing a Good Product Enough?

Just because your product is good, doesn’t mean it is special, and special is what you need.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market Place.

When you look at the Genesis Comparison Chart you can easily see the difference between it’s competitors in the market place. Finding selling features among these ingredients is easy. One of the most outstanding features is it’s amazing S-ORAC value score – 400,000.  S-ORAC stands for “Super Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity”. In other words, it’s ability to fight and kill off free radicals that have been universally accepted as the major contributor to aging and cell breakdown. This measurement system was not developed for the purpose of making money by a private lab. It was developed by the USDA a Government agency working at Tufts University so that Americans had the information necessary to protect themselves against free radical damage.

genesis antioxidant

Compare noni monavie xango goji

It’s Antioxidant value is one thing, but I believe what really differentiates Genesis from all other products of its kind, is it’s Exclusive Triple-Patented – X’tranol-24, that delivers the antioxidant protection consistently over a 24 hour period. 

X’tranol-24 contains Extramel, a patented high S-ORAC melon extract that provides the primary antioxidants SOD and glutathione. It also contains Provinol, a patented whole wine extract from a special region in France where the grapes are very high in Polyphenols, including resveratrol.

A key component to X’tranol-24 is its patented delivery system that allows the melon concentrate and whole wine concentrates to survive the gut, ensuring your body can use them effectively. These are the things that make Genesis truly “SPECIAL” and sets it apart from all of its rivals.

Genesis™compare noni xango monavie

dubai duty free genesis symmetry

Hospitals Distributing Genesis to it’s Patients

Genesis is being embraced by the international market in a profound way. Hospitals in the Philippines are embracing symmetry as something worthy of recommending to their patients. Hospitals in Dubai are also supplying Genesis to their patients. When the medical community is interested in a nutritional Supplement like Genesis then you know you have a great product in hand. On the international level, Genesis is making some amazing advancements in emerging markets and what is going on behind the scenes is nothing short of amazing and genuinely encouraging.

 Genesis – The Real Deal!

Genesis is the real deal and the international market is fast becoming aware of that.

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