How L-Arginine and L-Citrulline Produce Nitric Oxide the Miracle Molecule

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Nitric Oxide The Miracle Molecule

The body is a machine. Like any other, it needs all the key essentials to function as it should. Unfortunately, getting all the nutrients that we need is almost impossible through our diet. That leaves our bodies unprotected. When your body is not getting all the essentials needed to maintain optimal health, the systems cannot perform as intended, leaving our systems susceptible to disease and illness. Disease and disease were not part of the design of the human body. They come about because it is not performing the way that it was intended to, allowing foreign agents to invade the body and wreak havoc. There are essential nutrients that our bodies need to maintain a healthy immune system and to ward off things which seek to harm us.

Boost Your Immune System

symmetry immune systemThe immune system is the powerhouse of the body. It is our first line of defence, like an army, that was designed to keep the body free from the harm of the environment, and to keep everything working together and strong. When we are under stress, or when our diet is not sufficient, the immune system can not function as it should, leaving our bodies unprotected. Many nutrients are important to the body, but nitric oxide is most arguably the most important, and potent, natural supplement that a body needs to function at optimal performance, and to keep the body free of disease and illness for a lifetime.

Get Down to the Cellular Level

The thing that our cells need most is oxygen. Blood flow increases the exchange of oxygen, while excreting carbon dioxide from the cells. The health of the cell depends on the amount of oxygen that it is supplied with. Nitric oxide is a substance that is already found in the human body. It is one of the first molecules discovered to have the advanced property of “communicating” with other molecules around it. It has the ability to communicate to other molecules to make them relax. It is in that relaxed state that blood flow increases and is maximized.

Fight Back against the Aging Process

symmetry productsAs aging occurs, blood flow to our cells decreases. The arteries of the body, as we age, become more inflexible and rigid, which has a direct impact on the amount of blood that flows through the body. Stress also restricts arteries and blood flow. When a person is stressed, their whole body reacts by tensing and restricting. Nitric oxide is the one substance within the body that has the ability to make other systems relax. Letting go of the restriction from stress, and rigidity from aging, increases the blood flow in the body. Although technically a free radical, Nitric oxide has been termed the “miracle molecule” for its ability to engage with other molecules and improve the overall health of the body in its entirety.

Nitric Oxide the Natural Cure

healthy middle aged coupleGaining popularity as a natural supplement, Nitric oxide has been known to increase muscle mass, Increase oxygen leading to better functioning of the cardiovascular system, and increase libido. The potential for its health benefits are mind boggling. Supplementation of Nitric oxide is perhaps is one of the greatest advances for the health of a human organism known to date.

Energize Yourself Naturally

For those experiencing a lack of energy, a decrease in libido, or an inability to focus or to concentrate, Nitric oxide may be the magic cure they have been dreaming of. It literally works like a miracle on every cell in the body, like a bolt of lightening. It brings the body to life and has the ability to stop aging, and in some cases, reverse any potential damage that aging has caused.

Side effects

symmetry procuts side effectsThere are no known side effects to Nitric oxide supplementation. The potency of this miracle molecule is undeniable. As with any supplement, or medication, it is important to take only as directed. Following the dosage and reading the label thoroughly is always recommended to taking any natural supplement.

Help the Natural Process with Supplements

Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Unfortunately, as we age, the supply decreases and not enough of us have enough of it to function at optimal levels. Decreased levels can lead to a poor functioning immune system, a decrease in libido or sexual function, poor energy levels or general malaise. Supplementing with nitric oxide is the best way to get your body functioning and performing at optimal levels.

Nitric oxide arginine citrulline supplement

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