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symmetry vice president Langer

Hi my name is Brandon Langer.

I am the Corporate Vice President for the US and have been working at Symmetry Corporation for more than fourteen years. I have had the opportunity to do everything in the company from stuffing envelopes, to answering phones, to travelling around the world.

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I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley in California, where everybody wants to work for an internet-based company or in the technology field. However, I have always had a dream to be in a position where I would be able to help change people’s lives for the better physically and financially.

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I graduated from San Jose State in 2002 with a Hospitality Management degree and a minor in Business, but I chose not to search the job market where I would ultimately hear that I didn’t have enough experience. Instead, I chose to work my way from the bottom up at Symmetry Corporation, where I was working part time.

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A person that I highly respect said to me, “there is no shame in failure, there is only shame in quitting.” I will remember these words for the rest of my life. This quote reminds me to never quit at anything I do.

To help Symmetry succeed, I always aim to have a positive mental attitude and never give up. My goal is to bridge the gap between our business partners and the company, making sure that the field has a voice and that voice is heard.

I want to support your business the best I can because above all, I know business partners are my number one priority. I look forward to working with you and continuing to enjoy the journey to success.

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