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Symmetry’s Health & Dietary Juice Supplements Business

A Huge Business Opportunity and the Best New MLM in Your Region

So You’re Interested in Distributing the Symmetry Health Products…

The Best Way to Start a Successful Symmetry Business is to order one of the Business Packs and try the products for yourself.  Once you have experienced the benefits of Genesis™ and all the other Symmetry products then nobody can give a better testimonial than YOU!  Passing on YOUR first hand experience about the benefits of Symmetry products is the best way to grow this supplements business.  When you’re happy about a product, it shows, and people want to try it too!

As part of the business pack you will be signed up for a yearly “Business Partners Membership” (annual $25 fee included) that will allow you to access all the discounts and be eligible for all the generous bonuses and incentives.

You will also be given your own e-symmetry website where you can direct your prospective clients and customers.  This is your personal site where all of your customers purchases can be managed, as well as your commissions and rewards.

If you are becoming an International Business Partner, (Outside of USA) then the world is open to you.  Getting in on the ground level and establishing yourself early in the MLM system is key to attaining great success, and we are very excited to have you aboard this new ship.

Symmetry is being established and accepted in many other parts of the world at a rapid rate. In the Philippines they are now using it in the Hospitals and it is growing at a tremendous rate. In the Middle east it is quickly becoming the alternative to alcohol and many in the Arab world are sharing the gift of health with all their friends. China and Hong Kong are new and exciting markets and the opportunities in these regions is astounding. the many experiences in these and other regions will be published on this website in the near future. Stay tuned

Step by Step Instructions

As an International Business Partner you will first have to select the region or country that you are ordering from.  You can do this by following these simple instructions below:

1. Click the “Home” Page tab -  It’s the first tab on the far left of the Symmetry Website Menu or simply click the link in these instructions.

2. Select Your Country – Drop down menu at far right of menu (select International) then click

If your country is not represented then pick the closest country to you. Your products will be shipped from there.

If you are ordering from Hong Kong or China, you will need to download a business partner form and then send it back (filled out) to: symmetryglobal@gmail.com You can download the form right here

Print the form, fill it out, scan it with all the details and send it back as an attachment.

3. If you had already put products into your shopping cart before this procedure it will prompt you (at this point) to empty your shopping cart and start again using the correct region.  Once you click to confirm, you will be directed to the home page once again to start the process over again.

4. Click the “Opportunities” tab on the top menu

5. You will then be directed to an information page including videos and a click through to the Business packs in blue at the bottom of the page, then click the blue “View Business Packs” tab.

6. Scroll Down the page and pick the best starting pack for you.  Most Starting MLM Members go for the “Simply 600 Genesis” Optimized Pack.  It is the best package for those interested in trying and distributing their product quickly.  Your discounts and membership fee will be calculated automatically.

If you have any problems please email me directly at:


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