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 Nutritional Facts Pages for Symmetry Products

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We love to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything we do. A dream home, a satisfying career, a wonderful family and vibrant health is something that everyone loves to have. Some of us are blessed with most good things life has to offer, while some of us have taught ourselves to live the frugal way and yet be happy. Kudos to both the groups! For those who are unwilling to make compromises and live life to the fullest might be interested to know that the Symmetry group is also thinking along those lines. The company was started with a mission to change people’s lives for the better.

Founded in May 1995, Symmetry has been changing the lives of people by not just promoting good health but also providing ways to improve your financial health by partnering with them. Symmetry’s product line is impressive with an extensive catalogue featuring products that aid weight loss, nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, personal care, house-hold products, water systems and much more. The team is constantly bringing in innovation and reviewing the existing product line and they are attuned to the varying needs in the healthcare market. This is a great way to ensure that you receive the right nutrients to remain healthy and active all the time.

genesis-singleWhilst most of Symmetry’s products have really done their bit in transforming lives, it’s the Genesis Drink that takes the cake. This popular nutritional supplement drink is a wonderful combination of apple, aloe vera, red grape and pomegranate, and healthy doses of healing herbs, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The main ingredient in Genesis juice is triple-patented X’tranol-24 that slows down the production of free radicals. For those of you who do not know, an excessive amount of free radicals could result in cell damage and may lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart attack and stroke. A single serving is all you need to keep you protected from free radicals all day.

Genesis is also available in a 4-pack set that is good value. Whilst a single dose promotes good health for you, the 4-pack set promotes a better sense of financial health as you could possibly sell the bottles and make a small profit. Alternately, you could use them during demonstrations where you could possibly win potential Genesis users, and if you’re partnering with Symmetry, you could pocket some money along the way. We’d love to splurge several hundreds of dollars on expensive gifts for our loved ones, and what better way to gift than pick up a Genesis gift pack where you’re adding more value to the lives of the those who receive it. This gift package comes lovingly wrapped with one bottle of Genesis and two stylish serving glasses, and a personalized message to say how much you care.


ULTRA-VITALITY-CRYSTALSWhy settle for something mediocre when you can get the best? Symmetry’s Ultra Vitality Drink Power Pack gives your body that extra boost by providing much nourishment and protection. Blending in a combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, this unique drink is like no other and just 2 ounces a day could be your ticket to healthy and energetic living. If you’re a frequent traveler and wish to travel light, the travel pack of 15 little pouches of Genesis is quite handy. This is an easy way to enjoy this wonder drink on the go and share it with your friend, family member or even a future customer.

ultra-vitality-nutrapackAt times we wonder if our diet is as balanced as it should be. Are we ensuring that we include the right amount of vitamins and minerals in our diet? If all that sounds too complicated to some of us but still want to ensure that we give our body what it needs to live healthy, then Symmetry’s Ultra Vitality™ Crystals is an indispensable part of your food plan. It’s not just any nutritional supplement but a revolutionary one with DeltaZorb, a proprietary and a unique natural formula of carefully chosen herbal extracts. DeltaZorb ensures that the walls of the intestine are more permeable thereby ensuring that more nutrients get absorbed into the bloodstream. This will ensure that you receive more supplements and always have an active supply that can keep you ticking for hours.

Download DeltaZorb™ Information PDF – Click Here

The Ultra Vitality™ NutraPack is recommended for adults of all ages. This product is a result of years of research on nutritional and dietary requirements of our body and how we could supplement that to the fullest. Since our body is not able to produce vitamins and minerals, it’s very important that we provide that through food and nutritional supplements to ensure more than just survival – it’s about nourishment and protection as well. Each serving is a powerful combination of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and potassium. Various nutritive, herbal, proprietary, antioxidant compound and super food blends are also constituted in each caplet. The attractive 4-pack Ultra Vitality™ NutraPack offers great value, providing you with the energy that you need to sustain a hard day at work.

balance-plus-symmetryIf you thought Symmetry offered products for only adults then think again. It’s not just about a few members of the family as everyone needs to be healthy, because if one of us falls sick, children in particular, it’s hard to see them go through the pain and we live in a constant hope that they will recover soon. Children are massive storehouses of energy and its fun to watch them play. Most parents would agree that their children hate their veggies but love to eat food that is loaded with calories. That is certainly not a healthy trend and we love our children enough to help them understand that. Research also indicates that children do not get enough nutrients in their diet and their intake is much below the recommended quantity of fruits and vegetables that constitute a balanced diet. This is where Fruit-A-Mins comes to the rescue by providing a complete dose of whole foods, and fruit and vegetable extracts all in one serving. Fruit-A-Mins is a yummy wafer that your children will love to chew and this forms a healthy nutritional base for their growing minds and bodies. Children will be happy too as they may not have to visit the pediatrician often.

Symmetry’s Future Star™ does exactly what it states on the label – make a future star out of your child! Armed with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals plus small doses of natural sweeteners, you child’s immune system is supported and strengthened and helps increasing their concentration levels and their ability to learn.

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundantly found in seafood and their form an important constituent of our diet as they are essential for brain development and proper blood circulation. Studies indicate that Greenland Eskimos faced relatively less chances of cardiovascular problems although their diet was high on fat. This is because they have enough Omega 3 fatty acid in their diet from the consumption of cold water fish. Symmetry’s Advanced Omega™ caplets provide just that minus the toxins or metals that is synonymous with the sea and its produce.

We live in an age where we sit glued to the computer for hours and cause considerably strain to the eyes and body. Processed food is now more of a necessity than a choice as we have deadlines to meet and less time to spend cooking in the kitchen. This unhealthy lifestyle has bought in a fair share of chronic illnesses and an abundance of free radicals that do much damage to our cells. Lifestyle changes are certainly recommend and a good dose of antioxidant supplement like Symmetry’s Mega Juice Antioxidant™ could provide just what you need to stay protected and healthy. Just two caplets of this wonder juice is equivalent to four servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and just what your liver needs to destroy cell damaging compounds and protect you from deadly diseases.


Symmetry’s power packed botanical blend products like Botana C, Botana E and Botana G are vitamin powerhouses and we shall delve into them. Botana C provides your body with optimal levels of Vitamin C that is essential to regulate blood pressure and blood circulation. This water-soluble vitamin is also essential for the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for the formation of connective tissues. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and helps in protecting and strengthening the heart, and Botana E is formulated to ensure that your body receives the right dose to stabilize cellular tissues and membrane and protect them from free radical damage. The sharp flavor and smell of garlic can spice up any dish, but there is more to garlic than just that. The health benefits are numerous as they are well-known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and aid the cardiovascular system and fight against bacteria. Botana G is a special formulation featuring garlic and allicin extracts and Symmetry’s proprietary botanical base, there’s ginger and peppermint adding a zesty flavor. Now you can enjoy the benefits of garlic and not have to worry about bad breath.

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, however, it’s disheartening to note that almost 70% of the US population does not get the daily required dosage of calcium. These findings are based on a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture spanning over 10 years. In most cases these dietary shortfalls are manifested only at a later stage and the damage is almost done. Hence it’s vital to receive calcium supplements at an early stage through Symmetry’s Calcium Coverage™. It helps in regulating enzymes that is vital for digestion of fat, protein metabolism and contraction of muscles; women are susceptible to mood swings during their menstrual cycle and just 2 caplets during those days can provide a soothing, calming effect.

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Lose weight the Symmetry way!

For those of us who have piled on the pounds and keen to shed the flab will go any mile and try any diet that could help lose weight. Maintaining healthy weight is not just essential to keep away from a plethora of health problems, but it is also essential to remain fit and do the things we’ve always wanted to do. We’d all like to fit into that pretty outfit that has been lying in the closet for many months, and what better way to do it than the Symmetry way. Let’s see how it’s done.

Target the carbs first. The average American diet is a mélange of bread, cakes, pasta and cookies and if you prefer to take the ‘high protein-low carb route’ then Symmetry’s CarbLess is a wonderful way to do it. So how does it work? CarbLess helps the body burn the stored fat first, controls the appetite, regulates insulin activity and significantly trims down the carbohydrates that is absorbed into the body.

Have we jumped from one diet plan to the other in an attempt to lose weight and nothing has worked except the side effects of each of them? Symmetry’s SimplySlym is a simple and effective way to slim down minus the side effects. SimplySlym is a potent combination of herbs, micro-nutrients and the wonder plant Chá de Bugre found in South America. Chá de Bugre is essentially an appetite suppressant and also lessens cellulite and fatty deposits. So now your metabolism has received that much needed boost and you burn calories as well, a welcome change from that tiredness that you experience while on a fad diet.

symply-magic-3Symply Magic works like a magic indeed! If you’ve associated losing weight with experiencing tremendous amount of weariness, then losing weight with Symply Magic will seem like a dream. This special combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals helps in slowing down the appetite, enhancing metabolism and knocking the weight off. Just one capsule a day could do the trick, however, do not take it too late during the day and it may interfere with your sleep.

vs-shakeDrink your way to weight loss with Symmetry’s VS. Shake. It contains healthy doses of fiber and high quality protein like whey. Each tasty, nutritional scoop promotes building lean muscle, while providing a healthy balance of low GI carbohydrates, proteins, good fat and digestive enzymes. If you’d like to sleep light while dieting, LipoSorb helps you shed flab while catching up on a good night’s sleep. Packed with essential amino acids, that aid muscle development and burn calories, and soothing herbs like chamomile and valerian, this wonder tablet can be popped just before saying goodnight. Just remember not to eat anything at least three hours before sleeping. Nightlite also plays a dual role as a delicate cleanser for your digestive system.

wow-smoothie-symmetryWe’d love a glass of smoothie when tired but that might seem like a luxury of piling on calories when on a diet. Symmetry teaches us how to enjoy a smoothie while losing weight and this product is all set to evoke a big ‘wow’! Yes, that’s exactly what it is called – WOW Smoothie – short for Weight Loss and Optimal Wellness. WOW is more than just a quick and easy way to lose weight. Its ideal for those on the go and you could also get creative by mixing WOW with other juices and you have a recipe for a slim ‘you’. WOW is an amazing blend of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and could replace two meals, provided you have one balanced meal a day. Symmetry’s WOW Pack is customized to help you lose weight as well as maintain optimal health. Unwrap the pack and discover 2 boxes of WOW Smoothie, one bottle of Genesis, one box of Ultra Vitality nutritional supplement and one box of Symply Magic.

Symmetry’s Lipo-Sorb is a revolutionary product. It is specially formulated to effectively reduce the absorption of calories, sugar and dietary fat. Lipo-Sorb works in tandem with Symmetry’s other weight management products, diet and exercises keeping your long-term weight management goals in mind. After all it’s not just about being slim; it’s about leading a healthy life and doing what you always want to do.

Botanical Products

Every festive season leaves us on a high note. We love to indulge in food and drink whilst enjoying the company of family and friends. Whilst all those are memorable times to be remembered, somewhere quietly within our system, the toxins are already at work. They gradually build up on our digestive system and drain out energy, and may cause headaches and hamper your ability to think clearly. BotanaCleanse is a natural, effective way to cleanse and detoxify your body in eleven days. With mild botanical cleansers and natural fibers, BotanaCleanse helps in removing toxins and protecting the colon. BotanaCleansePlus is a more powerful formulation designed to work over 14 days where you could eradicate bacteria, viruses and parasites from the digestive system. Follow instructions carefully as this product may not be suitable for those who are likely to develop diarrhea or abdominal pain.

Harmful parasites love to make a cozy home in your body and you might slowly fall prey to several problems like bloating, numbness, allergy, digestive disorders and lethargy. Symmetry’s ParaCleanse is very effective in wiping out these parasites from the system; it aids body’s natural immunity and nourishes the blood. Hormonal imbalances are mostly associated with women, but our male counterparts are not too far behind. A man’s hormonal system needs much care and nutrition to keep serious diseases of the prostrate at bay. Symmetry’s MaleBalance aids prostrate health and nourishes the whole male system. Women are more susceptible to hormonal imbalances especially before menstruation, during menopause and other hormonal changes. FemaleBalance is a unique blend of natural ingredients like royal jelly, pearl powder, red clover, fo ti, white peony and black cohosh among others. These help in reducing stress, helping your skin glow, improve immune functions and promote hormonal balance. MaleBalance and Female Balance have proven to be effective on infertile couples who are trying to conceive.

acelaoe+Stress can wreck havoc on our bodies and throw functions out of gear. It first attacks our immune system and we’re likely to experience minor symptoms like headaches, digestive disorders, skin related problems, etc. and this may lead to further complications. Prescription drugs don’t do much except disguise the symptoms and there is always a problem with side effects. Symmetry’s AceAloe+ is not another aloe product, but constitutes an active ingredient called Acemannan that helps your immune system find its natural balance. AceAloe+ has ten times more Acemannan than other aloe products thereby making it more effective. Stress management techniques are vital to help us keep us going when there are deadlines to meet. If our job involves high levels of stress, it might be worth learning how to manage it effectively. This is something that is learnt over time and how not to feel too overwhelmed by the situation around us. Symmetry’s Tranquility could be your constant companion on your journey to successfully manage stress. Blended with Vitamin B that is the key to help the nervous system function better, Tranquility replenishes depleted reserves of Vitamin C, which is a common occurrence during stressful times, and supports the function of the adrenal glands. So sense of rest takes over and stress seems like a distant acquaintance; now you could relax, get a good night’s rest and ensure that your body gets the nourishment that it needs.


It does take too long to understand if you have a strong immune system or not. A weak immune system is not able fight off even minor ailments like cold, cough or sore throat, and there is an evident lack of Vitamin D in our diet. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D and with most of us preferring to remain indoors fearing harmful UV rays, we are less exposed to the sun that is absolutely essential for bone health. Now Symmetry’s Immune-D provides that vital Vitamin D that enhances your body’s immune system and now your body could naturally fight off attacks from germs, bacteria, virus and parasites. As world population grows, there is tremendous amount of pressure on earth’s natural resources and pollution has reached unimaginable limits. Now we are more prone to respiratory problems due to constant exposure to dust, pollen and automobile exhaust. Symmetry’s OptiBreathe helps your respiratory system tackle these daily problems by strengthening the lungs and nasal passages. This effective botanical blend is a combination of Vitamin B and magnesium that strengthens the body and supports its functions.

If your working or studying, it’s absolutely critical that you remain sharp and focused at all times. Our daily routine and information overload may keep us busy and overwhelmed thereby losing focus and feeling foggy. Get back on track with Symmetry’ Clarity, a natural way to remain calm and composed even during stressful times. Constituting a vital blend of nutrients that provide oxygen to the brain, Clarity ensures good blood circulation and helps you concentrate better so you live life to the fullest.


Targeted bio support

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Symmetry’s products are designed keeping you in mind and to help change your life for the better. One of the most important healthcare sectors is cardia care; the American Heart Association reveals alarming statistics that one in five deaths is attributed to heart-related ailments. Symmetry’s Cardio Essentials is a good way to kick-start your healthy heart plan, so you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and ensure smooth blood circulation. Aging and hormonal changes are inevitable but aging may cause negative effects due to a weak immune system. Symmetry’s Bio-Infinity has unraveled the mystery behind aging by tracking the process of a vital hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA. Bio-Infinity is an innovative, pro-DHEA herbal supplement that protects the body from the effects of aging.

glucosamine-formulaSymmetry’s other targeted bio support products include Glucosamine Formula that helps in relieving stressed joints, slowing down the pace of cartilage destruction and provides much comfort and mobility. NeuroCalm combats emotional stress with an important constituent called St. John’s Wort, a wonderful botanical that help you manage your emotions better. ColdRx helps your body defenses stay alert and keeps you away from cold and related symptoms. Aphrodisia 136 is specially designed for men and women to keep their love life active and satisfied. Cardio 5000 is an extremely potent combination of various standard herbal extracts that benefit the cardiovascular and immune systems, promotes essential brain functions, muscle development and healthy sleep, slows down aging and treats various inflammatory conditions.

Cardio 5000 PDF Brochure Download – Click Here

aphrodisia-136-symmetrySymmetry’s targeted bundles are power packed with essential products that help you fight off illnesses, relieve stress and detoxify and cleanse your system. The Stress Bundle is a combination of Aloe Plus and Tranquility that supports the body’s immune system and provides a blend of nutrients that help you remain calm. The Cleanse Bundle presents complete cleansing solution products such as ParaCleanse that does away with parasites sticking to your system, and BotanaCleansePlus which eliminates toxins and protects the colon.

Symmetry’s household products are unique and help you maintain a healthy, germ-free home. Botanic GOLD liquid soap is purely herbal and there is no question of being exposed to toxins. So you could wave good-bye to chemical based cleaners and virtually replace all cleaning agents in your home including detergents, stain removers, bathroom cleaners, carpet cleaners, degreasers, etc. The BoGo Blaster Foamer is an easy way to get plenty of cleaning foam, just one ounce of Botanic GOLD concentrate and filtered water should do the trick and keep your cleaning worries away.

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Personal care products from Symmetry include unique Skin Renewal Caplets that works from within that help in growing healthy skin cells inside the body. A regular skin care routine is more than just cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin from outside, we need to provide the right nutrients so that our body is able to create the new skin cells. Symmetry’s Skin Renewal Caplets has a distinctive protein and polysaccharide concentrate that nurtures the skin and helps retains its elastic texture. Other herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants offer exceptional protection and nourishment for your skin. This product is not recommended for those who are allergic to shellfish.


clear-boost-stick-packetsOn a busy, vibrant day, low energy levels are not something you want to deal with when there is so much happening around you. Symmetry’s Clear Boost is designed to pump up those energy levels through natural ingredients like green tea, black tea, white tea and yerba mate leaf extracts and ginseng roots, niacin and sugar. Clear Boost is very different from other energy drinks available in the market. There are no artificial sweeteners, corn syrup or caffeine – these ingredients offer sudden bursts of energy but render ineffective after a short while. Clear Boost is consistent and reliable and provides much energy to carry you through the day.

Dr Crapo Talks About Juvebrew Coffee

Water is rightly known as the essence of life and many times we take it for granted and do not provide enough water to our body. Over the last few decades we’ve seen reports that have revealed a tremendous amount of toxins in our regular supply of water. The Ralph Nadar report states that there are over 2100 chemicals in drinking water in the US that could cause cancer. Symmetry’s countertop water system WES-10 uses an exclusive filtering system that significantly reduces the amount of toxins and other chemicals like chlorine, lindane and lead. It is easy to install and made using FDA-approved materials.

juvebrew-symmetry-productSymmetry’s products are designed to change lives for the better and what better way to experience a new way of living than trying one of their health products. This way you don’t just receive something good but you give back something in return as well. Symmetry extends a helping hand to numerous villages around the world, in developing countries where basic necessities like clean drinking water, clothing and shelter are hard to come by. Symmetry has teamed up with Plan USA to provide these amenities to children and families and put a smile back on their face. Use Symmetry – change your life and the lives of others across the world – for the better!



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